Thursday, June 21, 2012

obsession: orla kiely

You know what I love?

I mean REALLY love?

What I wake-up-in-the-morning-for love?

Orla fucking Kiely.

If it were possible to extract a person's soul, examine it and take samples, chart graphs and investigate the perfect designs for an individual, IF THAT WERE POSSIBLE, then my soul would be matched to Orla Kiely.

Unfortunately the only Orla Kiely products that I can afford new are in the paper section.

But one day I will marry a rich man and buy enough bags to fill the hole in my chest.  Hooray bags!

Giant Punched Acorn Leather Tillie Bag

Patent Scallop Leather Big Folded Purse

Rik Rak Printed Carrie Bag

Belted Leather Ella Bag

And just in case I marry a REALLY RICH man, I'll just go ahead and keep all of Orla's Choice's in mind.

Okay, I realize that the choices are for Spring but the Summer Lookbook had so many sweaty styles.  Like long sleeves and black stuff.  If I am going to pretend that I am buying a $400 skirt, then I'll just go back a season.  It'll be okay, it was in style three months ago.

I remember when Orla Kiely came to Target and changed my life.  The twins were five months old are this mama was batshit nutters.  Somehow I left the house and happened upon an endcap of Orla Kiely treasures, already on clearance.  For Christ's sake, I almost missed them because I'd been quarantined with those bloodsucking fatballs.  There would be no next time.  I bought it all.  Not to say there was very much left, but I bought what was there.  Three years later and only two of my five mugs remain.  Here is a picture from a blogpost featuring my late favorite of the five.

I decided that we should take a moment to remember and honor this dear mug of mine.

That mug made me happy every time I had a cup of tea.  The remaining two (which were the ONLY duplicates, by the way) are still the only mugs that I drink from.  I rinse them with water between uses.  They are brown on the inside.  Pretty disgusting.  I love them.  And if a material thing can truly make us happy, five times a day for three years, isn't it worth the splurge?  Yes, I am justifying whatever purchase you are dreaming of.  Put it on credit.
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